I came to art late in life, after a career in biotechnology as a scientist. Art was never a part of my life during that time except for the occasional visit to museums whenever I traveled. I knew I wanted a change from my current employment so I began my search for the second career. Some of the programs I looked into were law, landscape architecture, culinary, and information technology, all fields with the potential to make a living. I took a variety of classes at City College of San Francisco but after my first drawing class, I began to think of a career in the arts as a possibility. This led me to look into art restoration, curatorial studies, and art history. However, the more art classes I took, the more I wanted to become an artist. With the support of my husband after my admonition that I will probably never make enough money to support me, let alone us, I entered art school. What was it about art making that made me forego the security of a regular paycheck, regular 401K investing, and all the perks associated with working for a successful biotech company?   Art creation makes me passionate about my visual world, analyzing light, shadows, faces, shapes, lines, proportions, angles and color. The way I approach art reminds me of why I loved doing science; it is the experimentation, the wonder, the discovery that brings a sense of completeness to my life. Art making makes me passionate about the process of painting from making my own oil paints, creating beeswax recipes for my specific application or recording lab notebook style what I did in the studio that day.

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