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My paintings are about the here and now, about being in front of the painting in the present time, in the surrounding space and in the immediate light. It has been my desire to create paintings that are calming to look at, evocative and asks the viewer to take one’s time to look at. My paintings are a vehicle to translate the essence of a memory, an experience, or a fantasy. Covering the canvas with beeswax mixed with oil paint in this repetitive manner generates spontaneous images that result from my environment, my state of mind and my own limitations. Layers of paint which are stippled on to the canvas represent the connection between the sounds, smells, tastes, and perhaps most importantly, the emotions of my vision. The paintings from the "Quiet" series are being shown in different locations in the San Francisco Bay Area. Please see "information" and "current shows" for more information. 
"Asa Neda" oil and beeswax on canvas
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